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Frozen Food Delivery Product List

Our supplier is a Federally inspected plant carrying only top quality products, including AAA Canadian beef, pork free range poultry, lamb, and seafood. All items are ´blast frozen´ meaning that each product is cut fresh and frozen immediately and then double wrapped with brown freezer wrap which means ´no smell transfer´ and ´no air leaks´
Individually Wrapped Frozen Food Delivery


Tenderloin  Steak
Porterhouse  Steak
T-Bone  Steak
Wing  Steak
Round  Steak  -  Boneless
Sirloin  Steak  - Boneless
Ny Steak
Rib  Eye  Steak
Minute  Steak
Rolladen  Steak
Chuck  Steak  -  Bone-In

Lean  Ground  Beef
Beef  Patties
Stew  Beef
Baby  Beef  Liver
Beef  Sausages  -  Jumbo
Meaty  Beef  Finger  Bones
Maui  Or Kobi  Ribs
Beef  Stir  Fry

B & R  Sirloin  Tip  Roast
B & R  Top  Round  Roast
B & R  Cross  Rib  Roast
B & R  Pot  Roast
B & R  Rib  Eye  Roast
B & R  Bottom  Round  Roast
Prime  Rib  Roast


Chicken  Whole  Fryers  -  Grade A
Turkey  -  Grade A
Chicken  Whole  Roasting  -  Grade
Cornish  Game  Hens  -  Grade A
Chicken  Breasts  -  Bone-In
Chicken  Breasts  -  Boneless/Skin
Chicken  Wings
Wing  Drumettes
Chicken   Legs
Chicken  Thighs
Chicken  Thighs * Bnls/Sknls
Chicken   Drumsticks
Ground  Chicken
Ground  Turkey
Chicken  Strips  -  Breaded
Hot  &  Spicy  Wings
Cordon  Bleu  (Ham&Cheese)
Kiev  (Buter & Chives)
Divan  (Broccoli & Cheese)
Florentine  (Spinach & Cheese)
California  (Sundried Tomato)
Italian  (Tomato Sauce & Mozz)


B & R  Leg  Of  Pork  Roast
B & R  Pork  Loin   Roast
Pork  Shoulder  Roast Bone In
Ps  Ham  -  Bone-In
Toupie  Ham
Black  Forest  Ham
Honey  Ham
Center-Cut  Pork  Chops
Pork  Chops  -  Boneless
Pork Tenderloin
Pork Cutlets - Plain
Pork Cutlets - Breaded
Pork  Shoulder  Steak
Pork  Sausages
Canadian  Back  Ribs
Pork  Stew
Lean  Ground  Pork
Pork  Side  Ribs  -  Cut
Country Style Spare Ribs


Fish  Sizzles
Cod  Filets
Sole  Filets


Lamb  Leg  Roast  -  Boneless
Lamb  Shoulder  Chops
Lamb  Leg  Roast  -  Bone-In
Lamb  Loin  Chops
Lamb  Stew
Ground  Lamb

Prepared Meats

Breakfast Sausage
Meat Pies
Schneiders  Regular  Wieners
Schneiders  Beef  Wieners
Chicken  Wieners
Veal  Cutlets  -  Plain
Veal  Cutlets  -  Breaded
Turkey  Wieners
European  Wieners
Italian Sausages - Hot


The convenience of having a full freezer of meat has not only helped to stop my impulse buying, but it is a product I can truly depend on in regards to quality and service. Thank you for simplifying my life!

Anne H. ~ Sicamous
Green  Beans
Mixed  Vegetables
Peas  &  Carrots
Brussel  Sprouts
California  Mix
Oriental  Mix
Super  Fries ** 5 Lbs ***
Hash Browns  ** 5 Lbs ***
Tater Gems  -  Plain  ** 5 Lbs ***

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