Town & Country Home Provisioners
Town & Country Home Provisioners
Town & Country Home Provisioners
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Proudly serving British Columbia for over 20 years

Frozen Meat Delivery Service

“What You Need... When You Need It!”

Quality You Can Count On!

Quality You Can Count On!

Convenience Plus!

We have been very impressed with the quality and the service of Town & Country... We Love the way we could customize our order and have everything packaged the way we wanted!

Peter B ~ Castlegar

Services Offered:

After trying several butcher shops I was introduced to Town & Country. They offer a wide selection of top quality meats packages to suit my family´s needs. Great customer service and backed by a guarantee.

Adele R. ~ Airdrie AB

Extra Bonuses

  • forward a referral of friends and/or family members and receive a $50.00-$100.00 bonus (for a delivered order)
  • changes can be made to your order easily-it´s just a phone call or e-mail away
  • pay by Cheque/Visa/MC and receive a 5% discount on your food order
  • low cost freezers available

I can truly depend on Town & Country´s quality, 100% guarantee and service. Thank you for providing such a labour saving benefit for our family.

Susan M ~ Kamloops

Town & Country Home Provisioners
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