Town & Country Home Provisioners
Town & Country Home Provisioners
Town & Country Home Provisioners
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Town and Country Home Provisioners

Town and Country Home Provisioners has been providing top quality meat products (beef, poultry, pork, lamb, fish) and service for the past 20 years in British Columbia (and more recently in Alberta).  It is the convenience, the quality, the unconditional guarantee, and the satisfaction of our customers that ensures our continued success.  

Families all over British Columbia and Alberta are enjoying the convenience of ´in-home´ shopping.  They enjoy:

Our supplier is a Federally inspected plant that has a long history of success.  They have been in business for over 45 years, and stand behind their product with a 100% unconditional guarantee.

Orders are delivered right to your door.  All products are blast frozen to prevent freezer burn, to ensure nutritional value, and to guarantee a longer ´freezer life´ for the product, and all packages are clearly labelled for your convenience.

Shortly after your ordered is delivered, you will be contacted by our knowledgeable staff to ensure that your order meets your expectations.  Every 3-4 months thereafter, you will be contacted once again.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and the frequent contact helps to ensure that.

Start today to experience a new way of shopping!  It´s convenient, it´s easy, it´s 100% guaranteed, and it tastes good...  

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Town & Country Home Provisioners
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